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So if you missed two hours of training in the week, add on an additional six hours the next week. But remember not to fall into the trap: if you miss too many hours, you will grudge out 40 hours in the week that follows. this is unsustainable.

It’s the small things which make the greatest players. If you have the will and desire to never break your promises, you can achieve things greater than you ever thought possible. Without an agreement to myself, you will never train more than 5-6 hours a week. But with one, you become completely focused to train and hell-bent on never letting yourself down. Just this one small thing is what several successful players owe to improving so quickly and ultimately how they became good enough to play at the highest level.

Signing promises to yourself like this is super easy, but it’s hard to follow. One thing is clear – having a self-discipline system like this in your life will dramatically change how much you achieve in life.

So, what will be your next agreement with yourself?

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